Deadline Pacifist

He works and plays hard. He loves and lives hard. He vapes hard. a 100% or go home kind of guy. There are many things in life which bring him a great deal of stress. His job is overwhelming, he works long hard, slave hours. He makes very little

snoop tokoing

Let’s Smoke Some Weed

Vaping marajauna has no negative health affects. Vape it Baby , it is good for you. Really. Vaping eliminates the carcinogens in the same way that it eliminates the bad shit from tobacco cigarettes. And very much unlike tobacco, which has zero

cherry limesicle

Cherry Limesicle by Silk Cloud

Hot day, cool eliquid ! These Silk Cloud flavors keep blowing me away with how awesome and far above any other brand the quality is in all these excellent flavors. I was looking for something refreshing and my favorite vape flavors are the fruits.

stop vcancer

Look Mom, No More Cancer

A longtime girlfriend of mine who quit smoking ended up getting cancer. We were devastated. She was young and vibrant, a health nut of sorts. She does yoga and has always been into holistic healing and natural homeopathic remedies. But she did smoke


The Vaping Jogger

My friend and fellow Vaper, goes for 2 long walks a day on our long and beautiful beach.  I have lived on the same beach for over 10 years and couldn't remember the last time I had walked up to where all the Kite Surfers hang out. And it is not that

Electronic cigarette

Another Big Debate

While the knuckle heads that have taken over the television airways tonight were spewing there venomous liquid on the unsuspecting victim/viewers,  I was busy vaping some pretty poisonous eliquid. I mean poisonous in a good way. I locked up some


Organic Lemon and Lime by Naturals with some Pink Floyd

Welcome. Allow me to set the stage. One star crossed lover, half broken but all good, under a graying black sky, with long clouds, getting fatter. Pink Floyd fills the night and my ears with eerie mastery, as "The Final Cut" comes to the

juice cat

Ejuices I Want to Vape

I have been vaping for about 2 years. I started my vaping career by cheating and going on and off the tobacco cigs. I have met many others who started off like I did. Although  I have met more people who, once they started vaping, never touched

vaping nautilus

In Everything I do

I have realized that I now plan all my activities around whether or not I can Vape. If my e-cig can't go  I don't go, that is that. So for example, if the wife wants to go to the movies I call ahead and get the VIP seats up in the balcony, where I


My New Tatoo

I had the crazy idea of getting a tattoo of a sexy chick vaping. This was after a late night of drinking and watching some weird television documentary thing where indigenous Balinese guys were giving a chest tattoo on some guy. It looked


Good to the Last Drop

Ever run so low on ejuice that you knew you were going to run out before you could buy more. Oh what  an awful feeling . But the crappy feeling is nothing compared to how crappy you will be feeling after an hour or two with out your Estick. And the

mix liquids

My First DIY ejuice Mix

I watched enough videos on YouTube on how to DIY ejuices that I figured I would give it a try. I should have paid closer attention to the instructional ones instead of the videos with the hot chick host, if you know what I mean. But I never really