Steven Ricci Will Rape your Daughter

  Steven Ricci, 51, of Portland, who reoffended within days of his releases in the past, has completed a two-year term at the Maine Correctional Center for a 2013 Portland police on Friday began warning the public, particularly in the

cocnut tea

by Silk Cloud

Anything by Silk Cloud ,it really doesnt matter, it is all so goood


Luke 10.30-37

I am not religious, in fact I am anti-religion but as I was loading up my Sour Watermelon from Silk Cloud this afternoon I saw something interesting on Facebook. An Icelandic girlfriend of mine posted "Luke10.30-37" nothing more. Being the curious


The Holiday Season is Upon Us

Happy Holidays my fellow Vapers. This is a fun time of year for us. Black Friday kicked it off with deep discounts all over Internet. If you are a good planner or just a budget oriented person out of necessity than you loaded up this weekend to


Youtube and the Vaper

It is Saturday and you know what that means. Today is my fun day. That means vaping , trying new stuff both in my Estick and on  Youtube. I found some new flavors like Naturals eliquid Organic Lemon which is rocking my morning , thank you N


First Snow Fall

You can smell the first snow fall before it even starts falling. Something in the cold air changes and the smell of snow hits. It is like animals that know an earthquake is coming, some sort of 6th sense. The first snow fall is the prettiest and


Chutes and Ladders

Game night is fun because  I can vape in the living room and don' t have to stand out in the cold to smoke cigarettes. The kid found Chutes and Ladders at her school. Some old person must have been cleaning out the attic and ran across a bunch of


Mali Terror Attack

Very disheartening to wake up and The Radisson Hotel in the Capital of Mali has been raided by terrorists screaming Muslim chants of Allah and shooting the the place up, and once again innocent people, living their lives, are slaughtered like cattle.

exotics logo

Exotics eLiquid with Ray Donovan

Perfect Pomegranate is my latest discovery and a good one. I ordered it because, for one ,  I am a fruit vaping kind of guy. This stuff is tart. It almost reminds me Sweet Tarts from Kahauna's but with a citrus twist that hits great on the e

lung x ray

Wake up call

I had to go for a medical which requires a lung X-ray. At first this seemed a routine formality that  I didn't give much thought. Then my 84 year old girlfriend fell and broke her hip, very dangerous for an old person but this is a tough broad. She


Crappy Songs and The Vaper

OK, you already know I am a little weird, that I love to vape and that I love music, so this post shouldn't come as too big a surprise. No worries I don't really mean, "crappy" like "Justin Bieber crappy" I mean oldies that are sort of wimpy that I


12 Years as a Slave

12 years as a slave, can you imagine?   "No , you can not," would be the sure reply from anyone who has been a slave. You better believe that. We are so spoiled, all of us , to a degree that would make us all sick if we really realized how good we