Youtube and the Vaper

It is Saturday and you know what that means.

Today is my fun day.

That means vaping , trying new stuff both in my Estick and on  Youtube.

I found some new flavors like Naturals eliquid Organic Lemon which is rocking my morning , thank you Naturals and some cool new and old songs on like the one I am listening to right now , “Mad World” by Gary Jules. It is one of the most haunting most haunting numbers I have ever heard. It has a cool melody and sad words , right up my alley.

I also picked up some Sour Watermelon from Silk Cloud, my all time favorite. I get a new bottle each time I buy ejuice.

I then stumbled on some weird 80s music. Remember “Come on Eileen?”  I didn’t even like that song when I was in high school but I just listened t o it and it was great. That is so weird. Then A-Ha came on. Remember that animated video? It still sucks. But “She’s a Maniac” sounded pretty relevant. That is another song that didn’t do much for me back then that I sort of enjoyed. I must be getting sentimental in my old age. OK, I  am full shit , it was all about the sweaty hot chick dancing around that really kept my attention.

I needed something new I switched gears to some newer stuff. I saw a band called Yellow Ostrich, so of course I had to try it out. Awesome ! They have this really weird number called “Mary” check it out.

In the end I got sick of all the searching around for new ejuices and new tunes. So I grabbed my Cherry Tobacco from Juicy ejuice and put on the full Pink Floyd catalog and drifted away for a couple hours, until I ran out of beer.

Hope your Saturday is as good as mine 

Cheers !