Walk the Dog

I fill up my Estick while the dog wags his tail. He knows he is about to get out of the house. We are both sneaking out him to his business, which is obvious and me to do mine. My business is a little more mischievous than Rusty’s. I like to tell the wife that the dog has been locked up all day and needs a good long walk. She is more than happy to get us both out of the house so she can have her moment of peace and quiet. She knows I like to vape outside and the dog really does need the exercise. I load up on some of Kahuna’s Smooth Spearmint Tobacco, grab my flip flops and off we go into the night.

We run down to the corner pub and Mick has already got a nice tall draft sitting on the bar for me. I suck down the first one in 10 minutes while Rusty makes his way into the back room to look for Milly. Milly is a tiny poodle. She is a girl dog but I don’t think Rusty realizes that she is just too damn small. He is a mad man, like his Dad.  I then go over to the corner where a hulking fat man sits alone. I sit down and make my bets. I bet on Football.  I bet on the New England Patriots. They win every week. So I win every week. The big fat man doesn’t like me. He never says a word. He pays me the money he owes me and  I hand him back 100 dollars and say, ” Let it ride” He knows that and gets grumpy that I even opened my mouth.

I get up. I don’t say good bye or thank you and I go back to the bar where Mickey has my next beer ready for me. I call for Rusty. We have to go. I pull out my  leash and my e-cig and we head out into the night. We get home. Mom is cool. Rusty is content and Dad is happy. Good night !