Wake up call

I had to go for a medical which requires a lung X-ray. At first this seemed a routine formality that  I didn’t give much thought. Then my 84 year old girlfriend fell and broke her hip, very dangerous for an old person but this is a tough broad. She is a Dutch woman who suffered World War 2 and the death of her son in his 20’s in a terrible accident. But she is a survivor and could drink a sailor under the table. She also smokes like a damn chimney. When I first started vaping I would go visit her and always end up cheating and sneaking cigarettes, like an idiot.

So I took her the hospital and they gave her a hip replacement. She was up and walking in 2 days and let to go home in only 4 days. I couldn’t believe it. If you need someone to admire this is your girl. When we got home I had to look through her files to collect the bills she would need to file with the insurance company to be reimbursed for her out of pocket expenses and  I found the X-rays. I am no radiologist but I could see the cloudy spots in her lungs. I think the doctors did not bother telling her because at 84, what the Hell is the difference? And more than that if she quit now the shock to her system might kill her. So I said nothing, but I got thinking about my mortality. Thank God I thought, at least I vape now but I did smoke for so long. Now I was really nervous about my X-ray.

I got my X-ray.

 I got the results.

I am clear.

My parents died from smoking so my chances are very good but for today I vape and I am clear.