The Holiday Season is Upon Us

Happy Holidays my fellow Vapers.

This is a fun time of year for us. Black Friday kicked it off with deep discounts all over Internet. If you are a good planner or just a budget oriented person out of necessity than you loaded up this weekend to avoid the stress of Christmas shopping.

I can not handle that type of scene, shopping is not my thing, never has been , never will be. Luckily I get spoiled by the good folks at The irony is that of all the huge discount specials and marketing ploys I encountered this weekend while shopping for deals, and there were plenty, nothing beats the every day prices at Eliquid-box. Plus I have my account and I get my monthly deliveries without ever giving it a thought. If you take vaping as serious as I do the nyou know what a pain in the ass it is to keep a good supply of premium ejuices in stock. I have no time or patience to be going to stores and standing in lines. Thank God for Eliquid-box I no longer have to even worry for a minute. The only thing I have to do is log on when I want to try something new or change which flavors I have lined up for delivery at no cost to me what so ever. I love it.

This month I am trying Silk Cloud’s Chocolate and Strawberry.

What is more Holiday appropriate than  that. I will let you know how it vapes.

Hope your Holiday season is safe and fun and that you find all the deals you are looking for, I am good !