Luke 10.30-37

I am not religious, in fact I am anti-religion but as I was loading up my Sour Watermelon from Silk Cloud this afternoon I saw something interesting on Facebook. An Icelandic girlfriend of mine posted "Luke10.30-37" nothing more. Being the curious


Mali Terror Attack

Very disheartening to wake up and The Radisson Hotel in the Capital of Mali has been raided by terrorists screaming Muslim chants of Allah and shooting the the place up, and once again innocent people, living their lives, are slaughtered like cattle.

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Exotics eLiquid with Ray Donovan

Perfect Pomegranate is my latest discovery and a good one. I ordered it because, for one ,  I am a fruit vaping kind of guy. This stuff is tart. It almost reminds me Sweet Tarts from Kahauna's but with a citrus twist that hits great on the e

lung x ray

Wake up call

I had to go for a medical which requires a lung X-ray. At first this seemed a routine formality that  I didn't give much thought. Then my 84 year old girlfriend fell and broke her hip, very dangerous for an old person but this is a tough broad. She


Let’s Decorate the Christmas Tree

It is that time again. The family comes together to decorate the Christmas Tree and listen to Nat King Cole sing about chestnuts roasting on an open flame. This is when Dad sits on his ass and orchestrates while vaping profusely.  This year the wife

death metal

Eagles of Death Metal

I grabbed a fresh Estick and Googled "Eagles of Death Metal" to see what all the fuss is about. It turns out they are this very cool, not death metal band at all. They are more blues grass slide guitars with heavy drum beats and comical vocals .They


“Because it’s 2015″

I am American and like most Americans I do not know a whole lot about Canadian politics. But what I do know is that just about all US policies and ideologies I am almost always, inevitably opposed. I can not remember the last time the US government

cool dancer

Dancing Fool

An old disco song came on the radio and the little kids all jumped and started dancing singing. I was in a state of shock. How could they possibly know the words to a song from 50 years ago ? I had never heard it in the house playing before I was


Deadline Pacifist

He works and plays hard. He loves and lives hard. He vapes hard. a 100% or go home kind of guy. There are many things in life which bring him a great deal of stress. His job is overwhelming, he works long hard, slave hours. He makes very little

snoop tokoing

Let’s Smoke Some Weed

Vaping marajauna has no negative health affects. Vape it Baby , it is good for you. Really. Vaping eliminates the carcinogens in the same way that it eliminates the bad shit from tobacco cigarettes. And very much unlike tobacco, which has zero

stop vcancer

Look Mom, No More Cancer

A longtime girlfriend of mine who quit smoking ended up getting cancer. We were devastated. She was young and vibrant, a health nut of sorts. She does yoga and has always been into holistic healing and natural homeopathic remedies. But she did smoke

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Ejuices I Want to Vape

I have been vaping for about 2 years. I started my vaping career by cheating and going on and off the tobacco cigs. I have met many others who started off like I did. Although  I have met more people who, once they started vaping, never touched