First Snow Fall

You can smell the first snow fall before it even starts falling. Something in the cold air changes and the smell of snow hits. It is like animals that know an earthquake is coming, some sort of 6th sense. The first snow fall is the prettiest and


Chutes and Ladders

Game night is fun because  I can vape in the living room and don' t have to stand out in the cold to smoke cigarettes. The kid found Chutes and Ladders at her school. Some old person must have been cleaning out the attic and ran across a bunch of

lung x ray

Wake up call

I had to go for a medical which requires a lung X-ray. At first this seemed a routine formality that  I didn't give much thought. Then my 84 year old girlfriend fell and broke her hip, very dangerous for an old person but this is a tough broad. She


Crappy Songs and The Vaper

OK, you already know I am a little weird, that I love to vape and that I love music, so this post shouldn't come as too big a surprise. No worries I don't really mean, "crappy" like "Justin Bieber crappy" I mean oldies that are sort of wimpy that I


12 Years as a Slave

12 years as a slave, can you imagine?   "No , you can not," would be the sure reply from anyone who has been a slave. You better believe that. We are so spoiled, all of us , to a degree that would make us all sick if we really realized how good we

dog leash

Walk the Dog

I fill up my Estick while the dog wags his tail. He knows he is about to get out of the house. We are both sneaking out him to his business, which is obvious and me to do mine. My business is a little more mischievous than Rusty's. I like to tell the


Trick or Treat

Halloween, my favorite holiday of the year. Let us celebrate our demons and cast spells late into the night. I like to dress up my front yard like a cemetery, with headstones and scary goblins. I dim the orange lights down just enough not to scare


Deadline Pacifist

He works and plays hard. He loves and lives hard. He vapes hard. a 100% or go home kind of guy. There are many things in life which bring him a great deal of stress. His job is overwhelming, he works long hard, slave hours. He makes very little


Stress Reliever #1

Thank God, I vape. My stress level was at 110 today when the kids got home from school. I even prepared myself for it as I saw my 9 year old girl getting started. I called her over to me and said , "Hey let 's have a good night Honey, OK?" "No


Born to be Wild

I was born with a Bottle in one hand ( a bottle of Booze) and a cigarette in the other. I jumped up on the table, cut my own umbilical cord, slapped the doctor with it, ran out of the hospital, stole a Harley Davidson and hit the road, never looking


The Cubs Win World Series

Crack the champagne and grab you electronic cig and let 's celebrate. It looks like the sages had it right. Even the movie "Back to the Future" knew. I hope you bet on the series. No one has waited longer than the Chicago Cubs to win the World


Panic Button

I recently put a Panic Button in my car. It was a gag gift so I put it in my car more as a joke than anything else. But it turns out it was a good idea. Well, a good idea for me and everyone else but that Button. I am beating the living Shit out of