Chutes and Ladders

Game night is fun because  I can vape in the living room and don' t have to stand out in the cold to smoke cigarettes. The kid found Chutes and Ladders at her school. Some old person must have been cleaning out the attic and ran across a bunch of


Born to be Wild

I was born with a Bottle in one hand ( a bottle of Booze) and a cigarette in the other. I jumped up on the table, cut my own umbilical cord, slapped the doctor with it, ran out of the hospital, stole a Harley Davidson and hit the road, never looking


Should Public Vaping be Banned ?

 The real question should be this: Is electronic cigarette Vapor dangerous ? There is an ongoing debate about e-cigarette use in public places.  It is important to be clear about the health evidence. E-cigarette vapor is not second hand smoke. In


Movie Night ( With the Vapers)

Having the guys over for Movie Night is a little different than it used to be. We still all drink beer but none of us smoke and most of us Vape. I couldn't wait to show off my new Kanger and compare the latest flavors. The mood  was great, like a

wise pld man

Older and Wiser

Vaping is by far the wisest choice I ever made in my life I feel fortunate that as I age I get wiser, at least I try to learn and make better choices. I used to smoke cigarettes now I vape. I used to smoke weed now I pull weeds out of my garden I