Luke 10.30-37

I am not religious, in fact I am anti-religion but as I was loading up my Sour Watermelon from Silk Cloud this afternoon I saw something interesting on Facebook. An Icelandic girlfriend of mine posted "Luke10.30-37" nothing more. Being the curious


The Holiday Season is Upon Us

Happy Holidays my fellow Vapers. This is a fun time of year for us. Black Friday kicked it off with deep discounts all over Internet. If you are a good planner or just a budget oriented person out of necessity than you loaded up this weekend to

cherry limesicle

Cherry Limesicle by Silk Cloud

Hot day, cool eliquid ! These Silk Cloud flavors keep blowing me away with how awesome and far above any other brand the quality is in all these excellent flavors. I was looking for something refreshing and my favorite vape flavors are the fruits.

vaping nautilus

In Everything I do

I have realized that I now plan all my activities around whether or not I can Vape. If my e-cig can't go  I don't go, that is that. So for example, if the wife wants to go to the movies I call ahead and get the VIP seats up in the balcony, where I


Vintage Rock n Roll Vapers

I walked into a T-shirt shop today and had a blast. The owners were these cool retirees who had spent the last many years in Jamaica, Mon ! Now they had come to my island and opened up this sweet and very dope Vintage Rock n Roll Shop.  I am a

blue rasp

Blue Raspberry by Silk Cloud

Just when I thought I had tried all of the best premium eliquids out there on the market today, Silk Cloud drops their latest masterpiece, Blue Raspberry If you follow me and my blogs you know that I love to review the newest flavors and I get

nfl map

Football+Vaping = Heaven

Bring on the NFL, bring on the frosty beers and hand me my Estick. It is time for FOOTBALL, Finally !!! Remember this guy ? DUH, of course you do ! I have a new Estick and a new Kanger EVOD, plus I loaded up on eliquid from Silk Cloud and

silk-cloud-banner (1)

New Silk Cloud Review

You just will not even believe what Silk Cloud has come up with in these new  100% VG eliquids ! So here are a few new Silk Cloud eliquid flavors that I want to share with you all, that I think are really worth giving a try. I found them