Youtube and the Vaper

It is Saturday and you know what that means. Today is my fun day. That means vaping , trying new stuff both in my Estick and on  Youtube. I found some new flavors like Naturals eliquid Organic Lemon which is rocking my morning , thank you N


Mali Terror Attack

Very disheartening to wake up and The Radisson Hotel in the Capital of Mali has been raided by terrorists screaming Muslim chants of Allah and shooting the the place up, and once again innocent people, living their lives, are slaughtered like cattle.


Crappy Songs and The Vaper

OK, you already know I am a little weird, that I love to vape and that I love music, so this post shouldn't come as too big a surprise. No worries I don't really mean, "crappy" like "Justin Bieber crappy" I mean oldies that are sort of wimpy that I


12 Years as a Slave

12 years as a slave, can you imagine?   "No , you can not," would be the sure reply from anyone who has been a slave. You better believe that. We are so spoiled, all of us , to a degree that would make us all sick if we really realized how good we


Let’s Decorate the Christmas Tree

It is that time again. The family comes together to decorate the Christmas Tree and listen to Nat King Cole sing about chestnuts roasting on an open flame. This is when Dad sits on his ass and orchestrates while vaping profusely.  This year the wife


Je suis Charlie ( Again )

    If you somehow haven't heard of Charlie Hedbo, let me grab my e-cig and allow me to introduce you. The French rag magazine garnered enormous coverage when their offices we re stormed by terrorists for making Muslim jokes, and

death metal

Eagles of Death Metal

I grabbed a fresh Estick and Googled "Eagles of Death Metal" to see what all the fuss is about. It turns out they are this very cool, not death metal band at all. They are more blues grass slide guitars with heavy drum beats and comical vocals .They

dog leash

Walk the Dog

I fill up my Estick while the dog wags his tail. He knows he is about to get out of the house. We are both sneaking out him to his business, which is obvious and me to do mine. My business is a little more mischievous than Rusty's. I like to tell the

spring cleaN

Spring Cleaning in November

I despise cleaning but I do not mind finding old buried treasures like my old ejuices that were in a shoe box I had completely forgotten about until today. There were a few bottles that were still good and there was an empty 10ml bottle of my first

ban ecig

Malaysian E-Cig Ban Fails

Chalk a victory for vaping and vapers. The Malaysian Government had been litigating a law that would ban the electronic devices. That is some pretty serious restriction action. Really?! Great job Government. Wow, never thought I would say those


Organic Lemon and Lime by Naturals with some Pink Floyd

Welcome. Allow me to set the stage. One star crossed lover, half broken but all good, under a graying black sky, with long clouds, getting fatter. Pink Floyd fills the night and my ears with eerie mastery, as "The Final Cut" comes to the

juice cat

Ejuices I Want to Vape

I have been vaping for about 2 years. I started my vaping career by cheating and going on and off the tobacco cigs. I have met many others who started off like I did. Although  I have met more people who, once they started vaping, never touched