The Holiday Season is Upon Us

Happy Holidays my fellow Vapers. This is a fun time of year for us. Black Friday kicked it off with deep discounts all over Internet. If you are a good planner or just a budget oriented person out of necessity than you loaded up this weekend to


First Snow Fall

You can smell the first snow fall before it even starts falling. Something in the cold air changes and the smell of snow hits. It is like animals that know an earthquake is coming, some sort of 6th sense. The first snow fall is the prettiest and


Good to the Last Drop

Ever run so low on ejuice that you knew you were going to run out before you could buy more. Oh what  an awful feeling . But the crappy feeling is nothing compared to how crappy you will be feeling after an hour or two with out your Estick. And the


Naturals Eliquid Organic Green Apple

Naturals Eliquid Organic Green Apple Looks like Daddy just got his new fall favorite, and so early in the season. I stumbled upon this super eliquid semi-accidentally. And I m pretty stoked about it. I was tooling around the killer website called

blue rasp

Blue Raspberry by Silk Cloud

Just when I thought I had tried all of the best premium eliquids out there on the market today, Silk Cloud drops their latest masterpiece, Blue Raspberry If you follow me and my blogs you know that I love to review the newest flavors and I get

brady rodgers

Witnessing History in the NFL

If you are a big Football fan you are being treated to History. Arron Rodgers and Tom Brady are putting on a clinic, The two greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game are playing at the same time in the same era at a level the world has never seen

dirty lasundry

Dirty Laundry

Last night was my Vaping Internet night. I like to grab my e-cig and surf the Internet. Recently I have noticed a certain "disease" that people seem to have . It is a fascinating phenomenon that people like to wash their dirty laundry in public. I


Forecast – Going to be a Silk Cloudy Day

Today is a Silk Cloud Day people. We finally got some rain and I got my new flavors from Silk Cloud eLiquids today, Perfect. It has been a perfect morning. I awoke to grey billowy clouds covering the sky and blocking out that hot and horrible sun ,

amsterdam-e-liquid-guarantee (1)

Just discovered Amsterdam eLiquid

Let's review my new finds at Amsterdam Eliquid This is new to me. I have never tried Amsterdam but was mixing up some new flavors and companies on my subscription and thought I would give them a try for no other reasons than  I li


My Girlfriend Wants a Baby

She would never let a smoker impregnate her. So I took up Vaping. We studied the Health affects of Vaping and concluded that is safe. I have done tons of research, I blog about electronic cigarettes for a living , I know what I am talking about


Tom Brady, Deflategate Blues and Vaping

Thank you God for my Electronic Cigarette The number one smoking trigger for me is stress. And I am stressed. But I am not smoking. Why? Because I have an Estick! Anyone who knows me knows 2 things. I love Tom Brady and The New England Patriots and


How to Use has revolutionized how we buy our eliquid has made my life so easy. I never run out of juice anymore. It comes right to my door every month. I mix and match different brands, flavors and strengths. And I couldn't be