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Arkansas Man Injured Battery Explodes BULLSHIT

I have got to call bullshit yet again on this obvious attack on the vaping industry and once again point the finger at Big Tobacco for flooding the media with this Horse Dung. Apparently Josh Swartz or Wart Cock as I like to call him bought an

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Malaysian E-Cig Ban Fails

Chalk a victory for vaping and vapers. The Malaysian Government had been litigating a law that would ban the electronic devices. That is some pretty serious restriction action. Really?! Great job Government. Wow, never thought I would say those


Should Public Vaping be Banned ?

 The real question should be this: Is electronic cigarette Vapor dangerous ? There is an ongoing debate about e-cigarette use in public places.  It is important to be clear about the health evidence. E-cigarette vapor is not second hand smoke. In