12 Years as a Slave

12 years as a slave, can you imagine?   "No , you can not," would be the sure reply from anyone who has been a slave. You better believe that. We are so spoiled, all of us , to a degree that would make us all sick if we really realized how good we


Je suis Charlie ( Again )

    If you somehow haven't heard of Charlie Hedbo, let me grab my e-cig and allow me to introduce you. The French rag magazine garnered enormous coverage when their offices we re stormed by terrorists for making Muslim jokes, and

dog leash

Walk the Dog

I fill up my Estick while the dog wags his tail. He knows he is about to get out of the house. We are both sneaking out him to his business, which is obvious and me to do mine. My business is a little more mischievous than Rusty's. I like to tell the

purple pineapple

The Purple Pineapple

I am a genius. I took 2 of my favorite Juicy Ejuice flavors Pineapple Paradise and Great Grape. I had a strong feeling that this was going to be awesome and guess what , It IS !! Super awesome! I should copyright this flavor. It is that good.


Trick or Treat

Halloween, my favorite holiday of the year. Let us celebrate our demons and cast spells late into the night. I like to dress up my front yard like a cemetery, with headstones and scary goblins. I dim the orange lights down just enough not to scare


The Vaping Jogger

My friend and fellow Vaper, goes for 2 long walks a day on our long and beautiful beach.  I have lived on the same beach for over 10 years and couldn't remember the last time I had walked up to where all the Kite Surfers hang out. And it is not that

vaping nautilus

In Everything I do

I have realized that I now plan all my activities around whether or not I can Vape. If my e-cig can't go  I don't go, that is that. So for example, if the wife wants to go to the movies I call ahead and get the VIP seats up in the balcony, where I


Rasta Vape Mon !

Yea Mon, I got da reggae playing and Bob Marley mon, laying down da fat beats mon ! So of course I am vaping up some weed flavored eliuid My 2 favorite brands are  Alien Vapor Marijuana Flavored e-liquid and Amsterdam eliquid's Mary Jane If you


Happy Halloween Vapers

I am getting dressed up. I am going as a electronic cig and my wife as the bottle of ejuice. LOL I have to take the kids Trick or Treatin' this year. And so I figured we ought to have some fun with Halloween. too ! Wouldn't it be fun if adults

Nocheating (1)

I Cheated

Yes, I admit that I cheated. My battery had died on me and I went out without my e-cig to run a couple errands.The problem was I ran into an old friend and was thus obliged when asked, to join him for a coffee. That is all good and I can handle a


E-Cigs could Kill You

I have read about two "vaping accidents" Both of the "news stories" are full of holes and so  I won't even to give them much of  the attention they do not deserve. But I will briefly summarize their major points to set up the truth. Accident number o

battery man

Battery Man to the Rescue

I am Battery Man! At your service, folks! And here to save the day, yet again. If you are a serious vaper then you know how crucial it is to have fully charged batteries at all times. No matter what! Your e-cig dies at a party at 8PM and the