lung x ray

Wake up call

I had to go for a medical which requires a lung X-ray. At first this seemed a routine formality that  I didn't give much thought. Then my 84 year old girlfriend fell and broke her hip, very dangerous for an old person but this is a tough broad. She


E-Cigs could Kill You

I have read about two "vaping accidents" Both of the "news stories" are full of holes and so  I won't even to give them much of  the attention they do not deserve. But I will briefly summarize their major points to set up the truth. Accident number o

im sorry

Say Your Sorry

Some people have such a hard time saying, "I'm sorry." They would rather fight and kick and scream. And more than anything else, they would rather "win" As if you some how "win" by being the person who yells the loudest or longest and doesn't give


Second Hand Smoke

I had to sit with a bunch of annoying smokers today. I forgot how gross it is and how really offensive and I am a really mellow guy. My buddy Olaf is a smoker and we were over there for lunch with a big group of party people. There was not a single


Are you a Cheap son of Bitch?

Want to save money? Start vaping! I smoked two packs a day everyday for 25 years.  That  having been said. What I do not like is spending money. Who does? But I am a cheap son of a Bitch. I make shit for money,  I always have and truth be told I ca


Got my New “Kanger” – roo

KangerTech EVOD2 REVIEW Just upgraded people, to my first Kanger Electronic Cigarette.And I Love It !!! I named her Matilda. Here is what she looks like. So let me give you a quick overview of my initial thoughts, how it smokes, what's different