Spring Cleaning in November

I despise cleaning but I do not mind finding old buried treasures like my old ejuices that were in a shoe box I had completely forgotten about until today. There were a few bottles that were still good and there was an empty 10ml bottle of my first favorite flavor Naturals eliquid Organic Spearmint Tobacco 

As a result cleaning was now going to be much more pleasant  than I had originally thought it would be. The wife throws on some Juanes and we start singing in Spanish. Juanes is a hot Columbian pop star that has some really cool sexy rock tunes. One thing leads to another and we are in the back kid’s playroom. That s when cleaning turns into adult playroom fun time. I sweep all the toys off the bed ( I can have the kids clean it when they get home , it will give them something to do. ) We play a quick and heated game of Twister, I lose, again and we go back to cleaning like nothing ever happened.  For the record, I let her lose. Every time !

Back to the other job at hand, so to speak, and find more treasures, a cassette tape I made of a song I wrote, a photo I can no longer recognize but remember, and letters. My fist Estick battery that died long ago, not sure why I would save that? Probably thought might get someone to fix it.

Then I saw a picture of me with hair, nice long silky hair. Where did it all go? And  I was so thin, and no lines in my face. And I was single then and… Whoaaaa..OK I am done cleaning here. If  I find my old pistol I might do something…. Never mind. I m going for a walk in the snow.

It ain’t even Spring !