Mali Terror Attack

Very disheartening to wake up and The Radisson Hotel in the Capital of Mali has been raided by terrorists screaming Muslim chants of Allah and shooting the the place up, and once again innocent people, living their lives, are slaughtered like cattle. And for what ? Does anyone really know? There are so many different powers at play that I fear none of us will ever know the real reasons for many of things transpiring in our world.

As I sit safe tonight far from the perils erupting globally, peacefully vaping my Estick I am transfixed by all the violence and death dominating the news room. The bodies are not even buried yet in Paris after that horrific night. And here we are yet again with a massive hostage situation that ends in senseless death.

10 or so terrorists took 170 hostages and killed close to 20, at least that is the body count for now , certain to rise. The police stormed and killed at least 3 and saved many lives. It was a short lived event, thank God. OR Allah ? Or … There it is, the root of the problem. Save us, not them? Our God is greater ? They yell,  “Allahu Akbar” which means God is Great. Really?

The root of the problem is that people hate and separate and create exclusive groups and the power and control become centralized and those at the top of the power chain oppress any opposition. The most powerful tool in our short History is Religion and fear. Religion creates rules and regulations and then harsh punishment to those who would spoil the fun with doubting and questioning. Go up against Religion and you will find yourself dead or worse.

 So is there a solution? Will terrorists attacks continue to plague the world’s cities ? I think we are a long way away from any solutions today.

All we can do is pray to whichever Gods we can, for Peace.