Malaysian E-Cig Ban Fails

Chalk a victory for vaping and vapers. The Malaysian Government had been litigating a law that would ban the electronic devices. That is some pretty serious restriction action. Really?! Great job Government. Wow, never thought I would say those words. But they got it right.

A statement by Deputy Health Minister Hilmi Yahaya, which did say that a full ban on e-cigarettes was not off the table. But had the balls to say ,

 “If cigarettes are more dangerous than vaping, why not ban cigarettes?’’ 

WOW – a voice of reason in an otherwise insane world.

That has been my argument since the very first time I shockingly read about any sorts of bans, private or public.

This is not a Grand Slam Home Run but it is a viable reference for future governmental considerations. For example The Fucking United States of Imbeciles. The USA that has just banned vaping in public parks. Yes that is right. I go walk 2 day s into the wild in Yosemite National Park, hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away from the nearest human being, in my tent naked with my wife and after some great sex ( because Ia m great at that ) I can not legally pull out my Estick and have a nice little vape for myself. Gotta protect the public health. Well, there it is in the words of our friend the

Deputy Health Minister of Malaysia “Why aren’t fucking tobacco cigarettes banned?”


Congratulations Malaysia let us hope that the USA follows common sense