Let’s Decorate the Christmas Tree

It is that time again. The family comes together to decorate the Christmas Tree and listen to Nat King Cole sing about chestnuts roasting on an open flame. This is when Dad sits on his ass and orchestrates while vaping profusely.  This year the wife was adamant about getting the tree up early. I agreed and we pulled out the fake plastic tree. The only fake plastic tree I like is the song “Fake Plastic trees” by Radiohead but I played along regardless.

I set out first to plan accordingly, which for me means a fully charged Estick and some appropriate ejuice flavors that ring of the holidays. I found just the right thing, you won’t believe it.

Egg Nog ejuice, that’s right , if you can imagine it , you can vape it.

I then found that Nolavape makes “Christmas Blend” and it is good, really good.

The Alchemists Cupboard has a killer “Christmas Cake

The kids really do love this night and to be honest  I kind of like it too. The  smiles on their faces are so big and genuine it brings me back to my own childhood. I remember running down the stairs to see if Santa brought me the Evil Knievel moto thing.

Best Toy Ever !!!

I had to go grab my ejuice from  Evil vapors pure evil divine eliquid. Trust me you have never tasted anything like it. Once a year usually around Halloween I pull out this ejuice. It is not an every day vape. It is like a beer drinker deciding to have a special occasion and popping the champagne.

I have been a good boy Sanata and  I need all kinds of ejuice, See you soon !!!