Je suis Charlie ( Again )



If you somehow haven’t heard of Charlie Hedbo, let me grab my e-cig and allow me to introduce you. The French rag magazine garnered enormous coverage when their offices we re stormed by terrorists for making Muslim jokes, and nothing even lose to offensive. Simply using an image of Mohammed is a high insult and punishable by death. Muslims are very serious about what they read in the Koran. And so any one making the smallest joke or making fun of Islam in any way has to put death.

Turns out Mohammed is a little gay.

Good for Him !

As you are reading this, there is now a death warrant for my head, hope they don’t find me. I am enjoying my evening with a nice new vape flavor called Moroccan Mint Tea. It is so great  I would hate to be having my throat slit tonight. I don’t get many peaceful night likes this where I get to sit in the rain vaping my Estick and reading the news with no screaming kids yelling in my ears.

 And I have been inundating myself with news of Paris and the horrendous and cowardly terrorist attacks. It was all negative until I read that Charlie Hedbo was once again addressing the Islamic issues that France is facing. They published mutli-page comic about the artists thoughts and feelings about the entire issue. This was my favorite.
charlie hedbo


That is classy. That sums it up. I love that it focuses on what France is, what the French are and what it means to live. It doesn’t focus on death and what it is to be a victim, which could have been so much easier and sold more copies.

Best of all they ask for no more prayers. How silly to pray when for one religion against another. God, if there be any , certainly would not choose sides, So the French choose Joy and Love and Champagne. Really the most uplifting thing I have ever read. Thanks Hedbo !

Le suis Charlie !