First Snow Fall

You can smell the first snow fall before it even starts falling. Something in the cold air changes and the smell of snow hits. It is like animals that know an earthquake is coming, some sort of 6th sense. The first snow fall is the prettiest and thereby the most romantic. The nice thing is that it always warms up a bit right before the snowfall. So it is perfect to go out for a walk. It usually comes in the late after noon, kind of like the rain after a hot day, probably the weather phenom at a different temperature.

It is the perfect vaping conditions. I love to vape outside as you probably already know and with a crisp winter wind and light snowfall lighting up the tree branches what could be more beautiful. And I just got a fresh delivery from and I had them toss a bottle of Exotics Minty Mojito eliquid, kind of a funny choice for the snow, trying to balance out the universe.

Feels good, warming my throat and sloshing through the white muck on the sidewalks reminds of being a kid. the street lights have little white hats of snow atop them and everything is glowing. For a minute I am in a magical movie and nothing is wrong with the world. I am enjoying a solid vape and a nice walk and the first snowfall.  I am not worried about the fact that my wife left this morning and took the kids and told me I can never see them again. It doesn’t matter that she drove off in my car or that the driver was my best friend Jim. I am not even thinking about my bank accounts that were emptied or the police that are looking for me.

I have no place to sleep tonight but that is OK too.

As long as I can find a place to charge my battery and get warm everything is going to be just swell !