Exotics eLiquid with Ray Donovan

Perfect Pomegranate is my latest discovery and a good one. I ordered it because, for one ,  I am a fruit vaping kind of guy. This stuff is tart. It almost reminds me Sweet Tarts from Kahauna’s but with a citrus twist that hits great on the exhalation.

Perfect Pomegranate e-Liquid

To be honest  I have never even seen a pomegranate in real life.  I would not and could not describe one because I simply have no clue. But I can tell you about the ejuice, it is wicked ! And where I come from wicked is a good thing. And pomegranate is a wicked good flavor for vaping.

It also goes pretty good with my new soap opera. I got hooked on Ray Donovan. It airs on Showtime and then reruns on HBO. It is the best series I have seen in years. In fact I can not remember the last series I enjoyed so much that I plan my night around it. It is a modern day  gangster story with really well developed characters and killer plot twists. Oh, and plenty of blood violence and good swearing. The gangsters are from Boston like myself so they really know hoe to use dirty words well to insult each other. I find that highly entertaining.

The best part of the show is Ray Donovan’s Dad. Never can  I remember hating a character more than you are forced to hate this guy. He is total asshole and selfish prick. He is played by Jon Voight, who does a great Boston accent. He is so good on the show and such a great actor that I think I would hate him if  I bumped into him in real life. It was a no brainer that he would win the Golden Globe for his acting job. And he did.

You have a couple months before the fourth season starts up. Watch the first 3 seasons , you can thank me later.