Eagles of Death Metal

I grabbed a fresh Estick and Googled “Eagles of Death Metal” to see what all the fuss is about. It turns out they are this very cool, not death metal band at all. They are more blues grass slide guitars with heavy drum beats and comical vocals .They re famous for their live playful shows where they interact with their fans and have fun.

The band name story was interesting. The band had been turned onto a a band in Poland named Vader. The friend had told them to check out this “Death Metal” band. They checked and out and one of the founding members said, ‘ If that is death metal , then this band is the Eagles of Death Metal. And the band was born.

I was at my vaping buddy’s house when I heard of the attacks on Paris. I logged online and my Facebook was flooded. Everyone was posting and I realized something terrible was going down. ANd it went down.

The band was playing a live show and about 6 songs in way 3 fucktards opened fire killing 89. And now sadly the Eagles of Death Metal will forever be linked to the tragedy.

I decided anyway I would check out their music and  I really like it. So in a quick turn of events they band went from tragedy to good publicity as sick as that may seem, it is the reality.

I went to Youtube and typed in the band name, and brought up their videos. They have millions of hits, I was surprised but then again they are a California band playing in Paris, France ,so they must be pretty good.

Check out this video is it is a total trip. I grabbed some Exoticseliquid Cuban Tobacco tripped out to this rocking disco ish weird pop thing.


Then  I found this gem and it is even better


Al I can say is Eagles of Death Metal have a new fan !