Crappy Songs and The Vaper

OK, you already know I am a little weird, that I love to vape and that I love music, so this post shouldn’t come as too big a surprise. No worries I don’t really mean, “crappy” like “Justin Bieber crappy” I mean oldies that are sort of wimpy that I actually like and will now admit to , many years after it is too late to be bullied.

I am enjoying Silk Cloud’s Honey Toffee Custard ,wow. This is an elegant vape, very strange flavor but nice. And I am listening to The Carpenters lesser hits, also strange but sort of nice. The  mix has included Simon and Garfunkel and Tom Waits. Tom is far from crappy. He may be lesser known but he is amazing. If you are not familiar with him grab your Estick and Youtube him. He is a like a drunken carnival barker and it will likely take you a little time to acquire a taste for his voice but once you get it you will be swept away.

He is a genius and has no place in this conversation, let us get back to the crappy stuff. Now I promised I won’t go too deep like Corey Hart’s “I wear my Sunglasses at Night” or “Never gonna Give you Up” by Rick Ashley because those songs are painful. But I do like Duran Duran’s ” Save a Prayer” and the ever so cheesy Frank Sinatra basically doing any of his stuff. The old Frank, the real early days are great, very raw and rocking, really.

I have decided to change the mood with some Sweet Tarts from Kahuna’s an old favorite with a great sweet punch. Like the Nat King Cole I just enjoyed. Nat even put out a full album in Spanish, of traditional songs, pretty cool , cheesy but cool.

Then there is the the pathetically bad like Don Johnson or the late Patrick Swayze that are not even listenable but wait.. what about “Don’t Give up on Us Baby” by David Soul ? Great  song. David Soul was the guy who played Starsky on the “Starsky and Hutch” show.

Remember their cool car ?

The list goes on people. I think I will spend the rest of my day vaping and listening to cheesy tunes, this is fun !