Chutes and Ladders

Game night is fun because  I can vape in the living room and don’ t have to stand out in the cold to smoke cigarettes.

The kid found Chutes and Ladders at her school. Some old person must have been cleaning out the attic and ran across a bunch of old games and then donated them to the school. We got Chutes and Ladders. I haven’t seen the game since I was a little kid. We had it. It is a game of pure luck. There is absolutely no strategy which is just great for Pops after a long day. I didn’t even need to move my own piece on the board because it is all automatic and brainless fun.

I love that the age label at the bottom says 3-6 years old. If you are over 7 this game is far beneath your intelligence level. And hear I am over 40 years old and trying to win. But I couldn’t beat them. The 6 year old kicked my ass 3 times and the 9 year old whooped my ass in the last round. I quit.  I think they cheat. They had hand signals and I wasn’t paying attention. I gave the each a cookie and sent them to bed.

I re-loaded some Blue Raspberry from Silk Cloud and pulled out Dungeons and Dragons instructions and read through that. I figure if I am going to sit with these kids and play brainless games they ought to be more exciting.


They loved the idea of killing dragons and fighting wizards.