“Because it’s 2015″

I am American and like most Americans I do not know a whole lot about Canadian politics. But what I do know is that just about all US policies and ideologies I am almost always,¬†inevitably opposed. I can not remember the last time the US government did something and I thought to myself, “Wow, well isn’t that refreshing, they did the right thing.” And the sad part is that when it comes to the big stuff, the really important stuff, it is impossible to know one way or the ¬†other if what we are doing is right or solely for the benefit of the rich and powerful. And being a news junkie, I have learned just about everything the USA does is in the interest of the powerful and the wealthy. Why else in 2015 when we know that both cigarettes are deadly poison and electronic cigarettes are at least 95% healthier, would we do nothing to prevent the sale of tobacco cigarettes and demonize vaping?

Prime Minister Trudeau, from what I have seen and read, actually seems to give a shit about the Canadian people, a far cry from our political philosophy. He appointed 15 women to the 30 positions available. When asked by a female reporter why he felt it was important to have a gender balanced cabinet he replied, ” Because it is 2015.”

Trudeau is a cool, down to earth guy. He openly admits to smoking pot. He has a wife and kids and comes from a younger generation of Canadians. And Canadians are generally mellow, open minded people. I wonder if he vapes? For sure, he vapes his herb, why would he want burn?

So thanks to a smarter voting public than we seem to have, it looks like Canada made a step in the right direction in 2015.