Arkansas Man Injured Battery Explodes BULLSHIT

I have got to call bullshit yet again on this obvious attack on the vaping industry and once again point the finger at Big Tobacco for flooding the media with this Horse Dung.

Apparently Josh Swartz or Wart Cock as I like to call him bought an e-cigarette that exploded while he was using it. Of course this Wart Cock doesn’t even exist. It is another creation from Fox News Fabrication Goons. It never ceases to blow my mind that our “News” channels can out right lie to us and it is legal. And it continues. How? How? It makes me so incredibly mental I actually feel like shooting myself in the temple.

And as is always the case with propaganda there is not a single fact, nothing quoted and all could haves and should haves.

The article states, “they believe the e-cigarette’s battery caused the explosion.”


Is that responsible journalism

NO !

Or this gem… ” A study¬†published this week finds that adolescents who use e-cigarettes are 30% more likely than those who’ve never used the devices to report respiratory problems’

Really ?



That is there attitude !

So Fuck You in the ass Fox News !

Real studies show “finds that when people under 18 are not allowed to purchase e-cigarettes, rates of traditional smoking among that age group actually go up” How did they let that puppy sneak in there, Oops ! Oh, that wasn’t Fox News that said that !

So try to find Wart Cock, if he even exists. Or try to find one real story where an e-cig exploded that wasn’t modified by some Jack Nut.

You will not. You know why? Because electronic cigarettes do NOT explode.

End of Story