12 Years as a Slave

12 years as a slave, can you imagine?  

“No , you can not,” would be the sure reply from anyone who has been a slave. You better believe that. We are so spoiled, all of us , to a degree that would make us all sick if we really realized how good we have it. Hell, if I go 12 hours without my e-cig I lose my mind. If I run out of ejuice and have to wait a day I start complaining and even taken it out on my kids and wife.

I get bent out of shape when the Chinese restaurant forgets to put chop sticks in the to go bag. I can lose my cool if the Internet is a little slow or, God forbid, I can’t find the TV controller. If my air conditioner doesn’t work in my car I can catch myself yelling and screaming to myself like some lunatic.

What right do I have ?


We need to stop and realize the blessings. I have a car. How many people don’t even have shoes ? And I have a nice car that temporarily does not have climate control, whoa is me huh? That is when I realized I am an asshole. And so are you.

Remember her from Willy Wonka ? Well, she got what she deserved in the end !

Gratitude is the key to happiness. Ask any expert. They will concur.

So the next time you forget to charge an extra battery for your Estick, remember that some people haven’t eaten for days, or have terminal cancer or are watching their small child die in great pain. Then when you realize how lucky you are, you can stop and focus on what you do have and be grateful.

That slave suffered , really suffered , for 12 years. No freedom, beatings and mental torture and rape, that is a bad day. Look at how grateful they were for a chicken to eat. That is true happiness.

Try not to complain for a full 24 hours and I guarantee your life will begin to change before your very eyes.

Good luck, Vape on and be Happy !